We’re off to see the wizard… Day 2

Well it certainly sounds like a cyclone is trying to pick up my house and carry it away! My dogs are completely spooked by the raging winds.  I say it is perfect creative writing weather!

Today I visited more serious picture book themes as I related them to images around me-a sinister ogre in the dark billowing clouds, a child in need trapped behind a neighboring fence.  I see story themes in everyday acts and objects. Stories surround us.  As I turned into my neighborhood this afternoon after work, I saw two neighbors I’d never met before taking a walk together.  One was an older woman wearing dark glasses and carrying a thin white cane.  I found myself asking, now what is her story?

On a lighter note, I asked some of my fifth grade students for story ideas today.  Wow! I love the way their minds work.  Interestingly, none of the characters they mentioned were human (except the science teacher whom they adore!) They personified turtles, penguins, rabbits, and pandas. A little too much Disney, perhaps? I really hadn’t entertained the idea of creating an animal character, but maybe I should. They may be more likely to read it…

Since I’m on the topic of animals, here is a picture of my dog Cate. She is 9 months old now and quite a character!

Cate the little princess


4 responses to “We’re off to see the wizard… Day 2

  1. Loved reading your blog Kelly! Can’t wait to follow your ideas!

  2. Thanks, Courtney. I’m really enjoying this adventure!

  3. Kelly, Love this post! I can see the writer in you coming through! It has always been there and I think it is great that you are exploring the possibilities. What a cute picture of Cate! Mom

  4. Thanks for your support, Mom!

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