When in doubt, Google it! Day 4

Alas, this evening my pen made a better toy than tool.

It must be the cold weather…or the fact that I am EXTREMELY tired!! Today’s story is called The Librarian’s Long Nap , and it features a glamorous young librarian (yes, young and glamorous-this is my story after all-I’ll write it however I please!)  who crawls into the book drop to take a little snooze. Upon awakening, she discovers that she is buried under a mile of books! How will she ever find her way back to the children?!!

I’m feeling a littly Munsch-y today. That’s Robert Munsch, and I really do love his stories! I don’t know a single Kindergartner who doesn’t bust a gut every single time he hear’s 50 Below Zero. Robert Munsch is a brilliant storyteller who knows how to connect with his inner kid. He doesn’t take anything too seriously, and I love that about him. (I can think of only one exception-I Love You Forever. That one’s a  tear-jerker. Read the story behind the book and you’ll cry even harder.) His characters and his stories are simple, straightforward, and hilarious! My personal favorites are Mortimer and Purple, Green and Yellow. You can listen to him read his stories aloud at http://robertmunsch.com/  You’re never too old for a little Munsch!


3 responses to “When in doubt, Google it! Day 4

  1. At least you had enough energy to entertain Dakota! How ever did Cate let that happen?? Good post, Kelly! Love, Mom

  2. This sounds like a wonderful story idea!!!

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