Have a little faith Day 7

I made it to day 7, and I am celebrating! It is in this moment of of joy and elation that I need to stop and thank the Lord for providing this opportunity at just the right time in my life. Writing is something that I have dreamed of doing for years.  I’ve dabbled in novel and short story writing, but up until now I’ve lacked the confidence to go public with my ideas.  I never dreamed that I could actually publish my stories for others to read. (Not saying it’s going to be easy-after all, it took Robert Munsch 12 years to publish his first children’s book!) Participating in PiBoIdMo has grown my confidence-has made me firmly believe that I CAN write something worth publishing-but even more importantly, worth reading.

Mary Rand Hess, editor for Story Pie Press wrote on Saturday, “As an editor, I look for the same things I look for as a writer, characters and situations that inspire me, pulling me into a world I want and need to know about. When I sit down to write a story, I always pick the characters that reside in my heart. As an editor, I want an author to give me a story that’s truly special, one that an author couldn’t say no to when the story whispered, “I’m here. I know it’s not convenient right now, but you need to write me.” As I continue on this journey through November and beyond, I have to keep reminding myself that the only story worth writing is one that comes from the heart-even if it hurts a little.

When I need a little inspiration, I take pictures! I love to photograph flowers.  Here’s one I took at the arboretum a few weeks ago.

Here’s another that I took just for fun.

This little guy is working hard!

Note to self: Take some interesting pictures this week.  New story ideas are sure to come!


3 responses to “Have a little faith Day 7

  1. Kelly,
    I chuckled at your comments. It’s good you’re starting now, and this contest will help. I spent my years as a journalist, and didn’t start writing for children until 18 months ago. A number of us have worked with author Emma Walton Hamilton and are members of her Children’s Book Hub — you see a logo on my sidebar. Best decision I made since I was changing writing genres. Have learned in the last year so much about authors, agents, editors, and the publishing world. She presents two telesminars a month.

    Also liked Mary Rand Hess’ comments. I want to learn more about her. She publishes books in my niche.

  2. Kelly — I don’t see a place where people can join your blog. You need to go into Appearances, Widgets and add a Follow my blog button to your sidebar.

  3. Patricia, Thank you so much for the encouragement and great tips! Just one week, and I’m on my way! I’m following your blog now-I love it!

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