Playing with words… Day 9

Today I thought it might be fun to create a Wordle to generate new picture book ideas. According to this Wordle, I could write a silly story about a floating baby who flies to school or a scary story about a stinky bear who plays in the mud.  Hmmm…

Wordle: Picture book ideas

To make your own Wordle, go to

Thanks to my second grade class I have another great story idea. I’ll give you a little hint. We are learning about character traits, feelings, and motivation in stories. I showed them a picture of a fox running away from someone or something, and the ideas came flying. Those kids certainly are creative!

And now, for the second, and final installment (for now) of Kelly’s List of  Ridiculously Random  yet Remarkably Refreshing Read-Alouds: 

10. please, baby, please, written by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee and illustrated by Kadir Nelson (2002)

9. Moonpowder, written and illustrated by John Rocco (2008)

8. Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories, written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (2007)

7. The Incredible Book Eating Boy, written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (2006)

6. One More Sheep, written by Mij Kelly and illustrated by Russell Ayto (2006)

5. Bats at the Library, written and illustrated by Brian Lies (2008)

4. Redwoods, written and illustrated by Jason Chin (2009) * This book is a cross between a fiction and non-fiction book. It is located in the non-fiction section of my library, but I could make a case for cataloging it in fiction. Just sayin’.

3. Twelve Terrible Things, written and illustrated by Marty Kelley (2008)

2. It’s a Book, written and illustrated by Lane Smith (2010) *This one is really not for kids, but it’s totally funny.

……..and #1 on today’s list………………………………………………………………………………..

1. Do Not Open This Book! written by Michaela Muntean and illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre (2006) This one is perfect for PiBoIdMo! If you haven’t read it, check it out from your local library right now! Here’s a link to Pascal Lemaitre’s website: Michaela Muntean does not have one…

So what can I learn from this list? I think that I had better become a movie star or an amazing artist if I want to publish a a really great picture book! (Or perhaps I can get by with a top secret-really clever-never before written about-super fantastic idea!) Think I’ll still work on my stick figure drawing just to play it safe.


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