Kodak Moments Day 12

The time really got away from me today.  I hope I can post before midnight!

I spent several hours today searching through family albums with my mother. We had a great time reminiscing and laughing at things we hadn’t thought about in years. I was on a mission to find pictures for my PB photo inspiration box. Here’s what the outside of the box looks like:

And here’s what’s inside!

I found so many inspirational pictures! A day at the beach, an eight year old me parading in my grandmother’s high heels, a devious grin…photographs capture precious moments in time.  Take some time to look through your family photos.  I’ll bet you’ll find something that will inspire you to write! I have already developed several ideas based on the photos I found today.  Photographs can provide those little details that make a story feel authentic and familiar.

On a different note…I bought a copy of Sabuda and Reinhart’s Encyclopedia Mythologica today at Barnes and Noble. It was in surprisingly good shape-just one ripped paw. I’m gearing up for the Wizards of Pop exhibit coming to town next weekend.  Our fourth graders are taking a field trip to the Visual Arts Center after Thanksgiving to see it, so I am taking my books to school this week to share with them.  Can’t wait to meet Michael Reinhart next Saturday and take the gallery tour! I am such a nerd!!

Now I’m off to journal!


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