Dinosaur bones and scary stories! Day 13

My dogs chew through rawhide bones really quickly. My husband returned from a shopping trip to Wal-Mart today with this:

He thought that Cate and Sebastian would share the bone, but Cate grabbed it first and proceeded to nick every piece of furniture in the house with it. I will probably have to repaint the walls after they are done with this thing. PB idea??


NEW! What is Mrs. K. reading today?

Today I started a young adult novel called The Liberation of Gabriel King by K.L. Going. (2005) The story is set in a small rural town in Georgia in 1976.  Gabriel, the protagonist, is scared of everything-spiders, bullies, basements… His best friend Frita, the first black girl to attend his school, is determined to “liberate” Gabriel from all of his worries so he will move up to the fifth grade with her. (Gabriel has decided to stay in the fourth grade.) This book is ripe with historic and current themes like bullying, racism in the South, fear, friendship, and loyalty.  So far I am really enjoying it. Stay tuned!

Liberation of Gabriel King____________________________________________________________________________________________

What sort of books do students ask me for the most in the library? Why SCARY books, of course! We have a huge selection of scary chapter books/novels from which to choose, but not as many really good scary (not too scary!) picture books for the younger ones. I’m keeping an eye out for new scary picture books to order for the library. In the mean time, I might as well write one! I took the “what if” idea for generating ideas and added a bit of scary to it. Here are a few of my scary “what if’s”:

1. What if my sister is stolen by zombies?

2. What if a ghost follows me home from school and wants to stay for dinner?

3. What if a goblin wants to be my best friend?

You get the idea. Kids love a scary story-as long as there is a funny or comforting ending. A scary picture book must have a little comic relief at the end (or a warm fuzzy) so children don’t have nightmares after reading it!


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