Rockin’ it old school Day 14

Twenty-first century learners are growing up in a vastly different world.  Technological playthings are easily accessible and oh so convenient. Parents,  before you hand over that iPad, read a book to your kid!   How can it be that a child grows up without having had a single book read to her at home? Parents have the power and the privilege to instill a love of reading in a young child’s heart. Teachers and librarians can’t do it alone.

One of my second grade students wore a shirt today that said, “Rockin’ it Old School,”  and it had a picture of a record on it. I told the boy that I liked his shirt and that I listened to records when I was his age.  His reply was, “What are records?”  I pointed to his shirt and explained that the picture on his shirt was a record and that a record played music. He looked really confused.

So here is my “old school” top ten list. Maybe I will even get a PB idea or two out of it.

10. Cabbage Patch Kids

9. E.T

8. eight track tapes

7. Chutes and Ladders

6. parachute pants

5. bad perms

4. Thriller

3. no cable TV

2. acid wash everything

1. telephones that were (gasp) attached to the wall!!

Funny, I didn’t feel deprived in the least growing up.  So what are you rockin’ old school?


2 responses to “Rockin’ it old school Day 14

  1. I loved Cabbage Patch Doll….I rock The Baby-Sitter Club series. As much as I try I cannot get kids in my class to read them. 😦

  2. Those books were great! Ann Martin has re-published several of these titles with a fresh new look-I know we have at least one in the library. Sometimes it just takes a new cover to hook a kid!

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