Grumpy Librarian Day 15

On a happy note…It’s Day 15, and I’m halfway home!

So how do you begin to generate PB ideas when you have had the most awful, rotten, stinky, I’d like to punch somebody in the nose kind of day? Everybody has days like these, including children. You might as well write about ‘em!

Here are some notable children’s books about bad days:

Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst

Mean Soup, by Betsy Everett

When Sophie Gets Angry-Really Really Angry, by Molly Bang

The Grouchy Lady Bug, by Eric Carle

Grumpy Cat, by Brita Teckentrump

Children love these stories, because they can easily relate to the main characters. When I read these stories aloud, my students always encourage the protagonist in hopes that he/she will find a solution and eventually happiness. Anger, sadness, grumpiness, and utter despair are feelings that children experience in a very real way.  A stolen pencil may seem trivial to us, but to a child who just bought that shiny purple pencil from the pencil machine, it is a real tragedy! Addressing emotions in picture books validates a child’s right to feel angry, frustrated, or disappointed. It can also provide hope for a better experience or a fresh new day.

I love reading to my students!


3 responses to “Grumpy Librarian Day 15

  1. So true! This is a very important topic in children’s stories – to help them learn that everyone has bad days and how to deal with those feelings productively. You’ve got some great titles listed here. You have so much experience with children’s books! I hope you might consider joining in Perfect Picture Book Fridays which is starting tomorrow at!

  2. Thanks, Susanna! I would love to participate in Perfect Picture Book Friday 🙂

    • Yay! The first day s tomorrow. I hope to have my post (and therefore the link list) up by 6 AM (although you never know) so if you need an example of what it’s supposed to look like you can check there 🙂

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