In the great green room… Day 16

A few years ago my parents retired, sold their home in South Texas, and moved to North Texas where I have lived for the past fifteen years. They packed boxes upon boxes of old toys, clothes, and beloved books from my childhood which are now stacked in my closet and attic. Looking through all of those old books certainly brings back pleasant memories. Here are five of my favorite childhood books straight out of the box.


 The first book, The Top of the Pizzas, was probably my favorite and is now out of print. Many of us own copies of  The Little Engine that Could and Goodnight Moon, and I can’t imagine that either title will ever go out of print. What makes a picture book timeless? How do some stories manage to defy generational gaps while others fizzle out after a decade or so?

Goodnight Moon is a classic picture book first published in 1947.  This book has since been printed in over six languages and is one of the most recognizable picture books of all time. The author of Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown, was an interesting character who published hundreds of picture books for children during her short lifetime. Wise believed that children wanted to hear stories about the “here and now,” and she is credited as one of the first picture book authors to apply this philosophy to her writing for young children.

To read the full article about this fascinating author, go to

Librarians build and weed collections, and the rule of thumb for collection development is that you only order titles with current publication dates unless the books are essential to the collection.  We are picky when it comes to classics.  In my collection, you will find books by Margaret Wise Brown, Ezra Jack Keats, Eric Carle, Don Freeman, and Bill Martin, Jr. So what do these classic authors have in common?  Why are their books still so popular with children? When I read one of these classic stories aloud to my little ones at school, something magical happens-that’s the best way I can explain it.  The text is concise and lyrical, and the illustrations are simple, captivating and original. These are the “read it again!” books that never get old.

Enjoy this musical rendition of Goodnight Moon. Goodnight!

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