Discovering ideas Day 20

I’ve made it to day 20!  I love the PiBoIDMo concept, because the month of November is purely dedicated to the discovery phase of creative writing. My PiBoIdMo journal is a glorious mess of thoughts, quotes, lists, characters, titles, memories, collages, and doodles. There may be a full blown idea in there somewhere, but most need more time to steep.  Creative writing is a complicated and time-consuming process, and I don’t think the journey is quite the same for any two writers. Discovery requires the writer to look at the world through an imaginative lens; to see something extraordinary in the otherwise mundane. The inner editor is silent while the creative soul soars! A great idea is a diamond. When you find one, let it dance in the light.

If writing is thinking and discovery and selection and order and meaning, it is also awe and reverence and mystery and magic….Authors arrive at text and subtext in thousands of ways, learning each time they begin anew how to recognize a valuable idea.”

-Toni Morrison


9 responses to “Discovering ideas Day 20

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Couldn’t agree more and love those quotes. Happy Writing!

  2. Great post, Kelly. I am not filtering anything, nor trying to really start any manuscripts, this month. I am content to let my creative soul soar unhindered, as you put it! For me also, it takes time for an idea to really come to fruition.

  3. For PiBoIdMo, I’m just writing ideas. I think I’ve had a few duplicate ideas. I’m not looking back. Just forward. In December, I’ll check the details. For now, I’m writing. Love it.

  4. elizabethannewrites

    PiBoIdMo has been a wonderful way for me to prime my idea pump, and see what comes splashing out! Like you, I’m just letting the ideas flow, and not worrying about developing them at this point.

    Your journal sounds like a creative delight — you’re going to have such a good time mining for the diamonds in it! I’ve been keeping my ideas in separate word documents in a folder on my laptop’s desktop. How prosaic in comparison! But, as you said, we each work differently. Have to admit, yours sounds more fun!

    Thanks also for finding and sharing the video — what fantastically inspiring and challenging quotes.

    • Beth, the funny thing is that everything in my life is so organized (I am a librarian, after all!) When I started my journal, it was neat and orderly, but as the creative juices began to flow, my journal transformed into this living thing-and it is a mess, but I love it!

      • elizabethannewrites

        Oh, I love that your journal has “transformed into this living thing” — YES! That’s what the creative process is all about, ideas transforming into living things. (and yes, now that you mention it, I see the library influence in my neatly catalogued file of ideas… haven’t put call numbers on them — yet — but my years in the library are obviously showing!)

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