Creative writing with Web 2.0 tools Day 22

Today’s feature: 10 free web 2.0 tools to get your creative juices flowing!

1. PicLits Choose from hundreds of photos and keywords to generate ideas! Drag and drop words or freestyle write.

2.  Generate a story outline using this free online mind mapping tool.

3. springpad  Use springpad to save and organize ideas and information from the Internet.

4. autocrit  Instantly edit your manuscript with the AutoCrit Editing Wizard. Basic membership is free.

5. the story starter  The Story Starter randomly generates over one billion writing prompts for kids and adults!

6. Glogster  Import images, text, sounds, and video to create an online poster.

7.  Wordle  Create inspirational word clouds by typing words and phrases. Change and rearrange!

8. Animoto  Create awe-inspiring slide shows with images, phrases, and music.

9.  Penzu Create a private online journal. I really love this one!

10. MakeBeliefsComix  Create your own comic strip. You don’t even have to draw! (Good thing for me!)

Have fun playing, creating, and generating new ideas with these really cool online technological tools!

On another technical note, check out my new Vodpod Shelfari widget.  It took me all night to figure out how to get that widget to work!  Oh, but I love a good challenge… I will add a Shelfari video for picture books to my Vodpod widget tomorrow.  Goodnight!

6 responses to “Creative writing with Web 2.0 tools Day 22

  1. Super resources. Am bookmarking this page. Thanks, Kelly.

    • You are very welcome! A teensy word of caution-my favorite is the PicLits-the pictures are really unusual, and I love the drag and drop feature. However, if you save a project, it may be viewed by the public, commented on, and rated! I just take a screenshot, save that, and then delete the project.

  2. Wow! What a terrific list! I can’t wait to go check all of these out. I’m only familiar with Story Starter, and Wordle because you mentioned it recently 🙂 PicLits looks very interesting – and I will keep in mind your advice to Joanna above.

    • Thanks, Susanna! I use a lot of web 2.0 tools with my students at school. We’re don’t purchase much software these days-most things are online now, and thankfully many of these services are free!

  3. elizabethannewrites

    oh what cool resources! I’ve played with Wordle before, but hadn’t thought of it as an idea-generator, and all these others are new to me. I’d better take Joanna’s advice and bookmark the page, because if I start playing now, I won’t get anything else done all morning! (and the bad part of that would be what, Beth?) 😉

  4. Play away, Beth! I do! 🙂

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