Reflections on writing Day 27

Why do writers write?

Why do writers write? For power?  Prosperity? Few writers will gain either of these in a lifetime, and most don’t care to. Writers write for the sake of the craft. They write because something inside of them drives them to write.

Why do I write?

Happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose come to mind.

My mother still has a beat up copy of a story I wrote in the second grade about some bunnies and a rainbow, I think.  I remember two distinct things about that writing experience.  First, I remember the sense of exhilaration I felt as my story began to unfold.  Writing was for the most part effortless, and I immediately knew that the story was really good.  I didn’t have an inner editor in the second grade.  I also remember the sense of pride and accomplishment that I felt when my teacher read it, told me how wonderful it was and proceeded to show it off to the other second grade teachers. There wasn’t much else I was good at-I wasn’t an athlete, I couldn’t play the piano well, and I was a mediocre math student.  To realize this gift was like discovering magic.

After that writing experience, I asked my parents for a diary. My mother bought me a little purple one with a lock and key, and I took it with me wherever I went. I still have it! I love to read my old diary entries, because they take me back in time, and I am reminded that once I really was a child who saw the world through innocent eyes.

I write today because it simply feels good to write.  I write to discover things about the world and about myself and about the connections between us that are real and telling. I write about my dreams and my childhood and my hopes and my life. I write about things that are happy and about things that are sad and all of these things live and breathe in my beautiful and merciful journal.  I am convinced that within that journal lies another bunny story, and I intend to find that diamond in the coming months.

Love what you do! It is a gift.

6 responses to “Reflections on writing Day 27

  1. Kelly, Not only do I still have the bunny story….I have a stack of wonderful things you have written over the years including the note you wrote me when you were four years old and didn’t want to pick up your toys (priceless)! I have been enjoying your blog this month so much. Keep up the good work! Love, Mom

  2. I wish I had kept a journal of some kind, especially when I was a teenager, but alas, I didn’t. I do have my first story from 2nd grade, though. It’s called The Girl And The Witch and I read it on school visits, much to the amusement of the kids! And now, I really want to read that note about not picking up your toys 🙂

  3. Susanna, I think it is wonderful that you share your 2nd grade story on your school visits. You can really connect with the kids and show them that they can also succeed in writing!

  4. I LOVE that your Mum is such a big supporter! I have changed countries so often that I have lost all my journals and this is a huge sadness for me. I only have a few books from my childhood and nothing else. I am so glad you still have your journal.

    You are right, we are blessed to write!

  5. My mom is awesome!! She has been encouraging me to pursue this for years. It helps a lot to have a cheerleader in your corner! 🙂

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