Love your library! Day 28

In these tough economic times,  public library funding is in dire jeopardy.   Authors and librarians can work together to ensure that libraries  continue to grow and support the multimedia needs of citizens everywhere.

ALTAFF, or the Association for Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations (part of the American Library Association) has launched a program called “Authors for Libraries.” Authors who join the program will be added to ALTAFF’s authors’ page where, “library staff, Friends groups and Foundation staff can find information about upcoming tours to assist with scheduling library talks and book signings as well as information about forthcoming books and resources for book groups.”  In addition, ALTAFF is asking authors to contribute a personal quote about the importance of libraries. Click here to see a list of current members,  books,  and links to homepages.

Here are additional links to organizations that support public libraries:

International Federation of Library Associations  

Geek the Library 

I love libraries  

Show your support, and let the world know that libraries are invaluable resources that change lives!

10 responses to “Love your library! Day 28

  1. I tweeted this. Libraries played a key role in my life as a kid and continue to do so today.

  2. What a great program! I don’t tour, but I do visit local libraries whenever the opportunity presents itself. I will have to check this out. Libraries are SO important!

  3. Catherine Johnson

    I’ll have to check it out too. My local library is brilliant!

  4. Libraries continue to play an important role in my life. I certainly support ours. Remember with grat fondness the bookmobiles in the summer. That was a treat. Have learned some interesting information today. Thanks, Kelly.

  5. Thanks for these links, Kelly. I frequent our school library almost daily and my local French library, less frequently. It makes me appreciate the superb anglophone resources and lending system in place in nations such as the UK and USA!

  6. I can imagine! But I’ll bet there are a lot of other perks to living in France. What a beautiful country! 🙂

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