Do you like a good mystery?

Mysteries in the Library…

It’s official! My Spring 2012 literacy event is  Mystery Night at the Library!    I have already chosen several mystery themed books and series for the literacy stations including The Cam Jansen mystery series, Judy Moody Girl DetectiveThe Box Car ChildrenAce Lacewing Bug Detective, and many more! Students will rotate through stations in the library where they will solve all kinds of mysteries related to the book titles.  I’m already in search of disappearing ink and other decoding devices to make this year’s event one to remember!  I’m trying to design five stations for students in grades K-2 and five stations for students in grades 3-5. For example, at the Olivia and the Missing Toy station students reach into a mystery box and guess by feel what toy is inside the box. There will be a picture of the actual toy on the bottom of the box so students can check to see if they guessed correctly. I am also going to write mystery stories with my fourth grade students prior to Mystery Night at the Library. I’ll  set up an open microphone  and students who choose to participate may read their stories to a live audience.  What fun!

Planning literacy events for students is so much fun, and watching the children and their parents enjoy the events is extremely rewarding. My mission this year is to plan an exciting literacy night that will encourage students to read mystery books. This genre has  recently been overshadowed by other popular genres (at least in my library) and I would like the children to discover how much fun it is to read a good mystery!

If you have ideas for mystery books or mystery stations, please let me know!

10 responses to “Do you like a good mystery?

  1. This is absolutely brilliant. What a fun night Kelly! Haven’t read any kid mysteries lately (I was a Nancy Drew fan), but will keep a look out. You are so creative with your kids!

    Hope you think about doing something some time about “being differnt” and focusing on books for kids with special needs. Every kid needs to read about someone like him/her. I could hand you a truck load of books.

    Will be fun to see how your event turns. Wish I had a librarian like you when I was growing up!

    • Thanks, Pat! Nancy Drew is still cool, by the way! 🙂 We have a program at our school called “inclusion” in which kids with special needs and life skills students are included in regular classroom activities as well as PE, art, music, and library. Some of the kids need a good deal of support whereas others can do a lot on their own. The classroom students are so supportive of these kids-I love to see the bonding between them. Please do send me title suggestions-I will definitely read them aloud! 🙂 Have you read the YA novel Out of My Mind? It is a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee this year-it is about a girl with cerebral palsy-she cannot communicate with others at all-and she has a photographic memory. The book is brilliant and heartwrenching. Many of my students have read it and really loved it.

      • THank you so much for the book suggestion. I have had a tough time finding books on CP.

        For your mystery book night, you may want to check out young Erik’s recent review: He reviewed a mystery novel today. You may be aware of the series.

        Will send you a list of book ideas: off the top of my head “Big Red Lollipop,” Rukhsana Khan, E-mergency, Tom Lichtenheld and Ezra Meyers-Field (autistic, genious at animation who collaborated with Tom), Lively Elizabeth (Pushing), Lilly Jean is Mean, You Can Be a Friend, My Brother Charlie, Just Because, I’m Here, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key (ADHD), Tattle Tongue, Bucketfilling, and many more. You can find them reviewed on my blog.

      • Thanks so much, Pat! I recall reading about the E-mergency book from a PiBoIdMo post-I need to add these titles to my next book order 🙂

  2. How lucky re your students to have you?! 🙂 Your event sounds like so much fun! I’m sure it will be a huge success with the children and their parents, and that you will be encouraging them in the best way possible to love reading and visiting their libraries! 🙂

  3. You are an awesome librarian.

    Sheep in Wolves Clothing could her a very funny PB addition (

    Also I know an adorable, very gentle Middle Grade mystery about a boy’s name. Dillon Dillon by Kate Banks.

    I’ll keep thinking!

  4. I can’t wait. We are going to have a blast. Let me know if you need help. I love your family nights in the library. Great fun!

  5. I will definitely need help! 🙂 Thanks, Brenda-I can always count on you for support! I think it is going to be SOOO much fun!! I feel like a little kid planning it-I may be having too much fun!

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