This afternoon I took the plunge and  joined Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 in 2012 challenge.   Thank you, Julie for hosting this amazing contest!   Support from my writing peers throughout my PiBoIdMo experience kept me on track and writing every day. I look forward to participating in this new challenge with all of you throughout the year!

This evening I finally read my PiBoIdMo journal from cover to cover. I must admit, I was a little hesitant at first, afraid of what I might or might not find. When I began to read, I realized why writers must write every single day. I had already forgotten some of my most intriguing and unusual picture book ideas!  I enjoyed rediscovering these little gems, and I narrowed down my ideas to a top twenty list. Out of those twenty there are five that really peak my interest.  They are, not surprisingly, related to events from my childhood and my adventures in teaching. My best writing is usually inspired by my life experiences.  I have found that a good deal of time must pass between these life experiences and my writing before something worthy materializes. With age and wisdom comes understanding, and with understanding comes the real story.

I discovered several picture book writing tools and templates on a website I use frequently for lesson planning called  sponsored by the International Reading Association. I am using the plot pitch template to flesh out my “little gems.”

The Children’s Picture Book Project

Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.  -Benjamin Franklin

8 responses to “Motivation

  1. elizabethannewrites

    Kelly! I’m so glad you’re joining 12 x 12. It’s going to be an incredible experience.

    and oh my, I love that quote from Benjamin Franklin. I need to copy that one and display it prominently in my Writing Room!

    • isn’t that a great quote? 🙂 I am excited to be doing 12×12 with all of you. When Nov. 30th rolled around I felt a little deflated, as I thought that was it until next year. Now we can encourage one another to reach our goals throughout the year! 🙂

  2. Catherine Johnson

    Great post, Kelly! So nice to see familiar faces in 12 x 12, we get to hang out all year! Thanks a lot for that link too 🙂

  3. You keep passing on some great websites, Kelly. I love readwritethink. 2012 is going to be an awesome writing year!

    • I agree, Joanna. I feel so positive about all the great things to come. So blessed to be participating in the 12×12 with you!

  4. The plot diagram and story map look very interesting, Kelly. I might give them a try with some of my ideas and see if they make me organize myself better! Thanks for sharing. So glad you’re doing 12X12 too – it will be fun to have so mnay of our group from PiBoIdMo doing this together 🙂

  5. For sure, Susanna! I didn’t want the fun to end in November, so I am so glad Julie decided to head up 12×12. What an inspirational year this will be! This is all a dream come true for me-I am so enjoying the journey! 🙂

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