It’s beginning to look a lot like…

It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like winter vacation in my library…the problem is there are four more days before the break! The kids are hanging from the rafters, and I am slowly recovering from a nasty cold…oh, dear!

As tired as I may feel, I am really excited today, because I became an official member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators!  I’ve just downloaded From Keyboard to Printed Page-very useful information for a beginning picture book writer! I also discovered the Golden Kite Award on the scbwi site. I highly recommend Turtle in Paradise, one of the 2011 fiction recipients. I am currently reading the second 2011 recipient Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. It is an intriguing story told from the perspective of a child living with Asperberger’s Syndrome.

Writing Update:

I am nearly finished writing my ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem for Susanna Leonard Hill’s winter holiday writing contest! I thought this would be easy…yea, right! I have two lines left to write, and I am completely stuck. I finally decided to set it aside for a day and see if something perfect comes when I am not so focused on the task. I don’t want to force the ending!  I am asking my fourth grade students to write their own versions of the poem this week. Monday’s class produced some really great writing, and the students had a blast!

8 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. elizabethannewrites

    Kelly, I’m so glad to read that you’ve joined SCBWI! I’m sure you’ll find it a great resource, and if you get a chance to go to any gatherings or conferences, even better! I attended the SCBWI Summer Conference in LA in August 2011, and it was an amazing experience of hearing writers I admire give inspiring keynotes, getting to actually meet some of them, and meeting and getting to know so many writing colleagues from all over (49 states and 20 countries were represented at the largest SCBWI conference ever!)

    How cool that you’re having the kids write their own versions of The Night Before Christmas! Fun stuff!

    • I love meeting children’s authors at conferences-I need to start saving for these long distance conferences-I have never been to Los Angeles! 🙂 I have always talked to authors from a teacher/librarian’s perspective-it will be so interesting to talk with them from a writer’s perspective!

  2. Glad you joined SCBWI!

    Love it that you have your students writing their own versions of the poem along with you. That will be great fun! Hope you share some on your blog.

    I read and reviewed Mockingbird, and it is the best middle grade book on the autism spectrum. Will be interested in what you think. Elizabeth’s cousin writes YA books on the same subject that are outstanding. They deal more with the transition into the adulthood. Ask her about Beverly Brenna,

    • I am having a lot of fun writing with my students-wish I could post some of their poems, but we aren’t allowed to post student work on non-district websites.

      I will definitely ask about Beverly Brenna-these books really interest me as I work with many children who are on the autistic spectrum. I am glad that some good books are finally being written about this subject for children to read.

  3. Congratulations on becoming a member of SCBWI! I have Turtle in Paradise on my to-read list and Mockingbird is my next book to read. I can’t wait! Best of luck with your poem!

  4. Congrats on becoming an SCBWI member. Now you’re part of the family 🙂 I’m so excited that your entry is nearly done! Hurray for you 🙂 I’m not 100% happy with my ending either – it’s a little abrupt. I could have used another stanza or two 🙂 And how fun that you took the idea to your students and they’re having fun with it too! Maybe you’d like to post a couple of their efforts!

  5. Yes, I am going to try to finish tonight! I believe we start posting…tomorrow? I’ll have to check your blog 🙂

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